Menci Aerial Photo Survey

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Menci's flagship software, APS (Aerial Photo Survey) is the best value in photogrammetric processing tools for UAVs and small manned systems. The large data set processing capabilities, automatic workflow, and intuitive user interface make it the preferred choice for most aerial imaging projects.

APS makes aerial image processing easy and affordable!




The processing workflow in APS is simple and intuitive, yet still allows for complete control and customization of output products.


Additional modules complement APS and the full processing workflow:


Terrain Tools


TerrainTools is a professional DEM editor tool dedicated to analyzing and editing 3D ground models

With TerrainTools, you can calculate volumes and profiles, subtract DEMs, and extract DTM from surface models. 

It includes a toolset for model editing, such as holes, flood fill, and patch interpolation fix. A
CAD environment with all the basic features is also integrated into the workspace. 

TerrainTools is ready to import data produced by both APS and third party software.


Google Earth Tiler 

Google Earth Tiler allows you to share your orthophoto on the web through Google Earth or Google Maps!

Google Earth Tiler is aimed at sharing orthomosaics of any size on the web. 
Tiler is able to convert the orthomosaic generated by APS into a format that is compatible with Google Earth and Google Maps, and is accessible locally or online.  With Tiler, you can create your own orthophoto database and enrich it with available GIS data.

The input orthophotos are GTIFFs, produced by APS. The spatial reference system will be automatically extracted and translated to WGS84 needed by Google Earth. The output data must be loaded in a web space served by an HTTP server to be streamed.
 Tiler can optionally generate a Google Maps HTML page, to be published to your website.



An advanced stereo viewer and editor with support for active and passive (analgyph) stereo glasses



Allows to quick visualization, inspection, and measurement of large 3D point cloud files



Performs a quick post-flight quality check of collected datasets to verify that images have correct photogrammetric properties (image quality, overlap, angles, etc.) and highlights any images that do not meet product standards. Requires imagery with GPS and IMU data.

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